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Camfield family Wines is a family owned wine company specialising in producing quality wines from Australia for local and international markets. Every wine that we produce must pass the family mantra of being dedicated to quality and excellence while also representing good value to wine lovers.

The Camfield Family Vineyard

The Camfield Family Vineyard is a limited production vineyard with hand crafted specialised wines. Located near the tiny township of Moonambel in central Victoria. Throw a boule on a piste outside a vineyard in ruggedly beautiful surrounds deep in the Pyrenees wine region – Victoria that is, not that other famous wine area between France and Spain. It’s no surprise that these two regions share a name, with sweeping vistas, a passion for Petanque and diverse wine growing areas with distinct microclimates producing world-beating wines. The climate here is unique. In that it is very similar to that of the Mediterranean with hot summer days with low relative humidity but cool summer evenings. This variance in temperatures allows the grapes to rest in the evenings, and many believe that is what makes the wines so unique from the area. Our Shiraz is typical of the Pyrenees region of Victoria, which is renowned for its classical, long lived Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. The Mediterranean style climate has allowed us to produce some magnificent Sangiovese and Pinot Gris wines. Our clonal selection and its suitability to the terroir has been paramount in achieving our results...

The Camfield Family Vineyard was established in 2003 and is situated at a height of 320 metres above sea level. The average annual rainfall is about 520mm. The soil structure in our vineyard is of a red clay base, with the top soils being grey-brown loamy sands with quantities of small granules of quartz stone throughout. The rows in our vineyard are run in various directions, this helps to vary the ripening time for the grapes. The trellis system that we use is VSP, or Vertical Shoot Positioning, comprising 2 cordons of fruiting wires. Each vine has a double crown, or 4 arms, with each of the arms laterally positioned left and right of the centre of the vine on each of the two cordons. The vines are all cane pruned. The two fruiting wires allow the fruit to be spread over a larger area that other trellis types, which increases air flow around the fruit area and reducing the risk of diseases and the need for the use of chemical sprays. Drip irrigation is used sparingly throughout the growing season which allows us to produce smaller bunches of fruit and small berries with intense flavours. All of our pruning and harvesting is done by hand. By completing these tasks by hand we are able to minimise damage to the vines. Hand-harvesting not only reduces damage to the fruit prior to arriving in the winery it also allows us to selectively harvest only the very best fruit that is at its optimum sugar, acid and flavour levels.

Our Family History

The family first settled in the Pyrenees area in the mid 1880’s when the present owners’ grandparents were young children. Back then, the area was used for sheep, wool farming, timber productions and eucalyptus distilling. The area also saw the gold rush of the 1880’s and again in the 1920’s where large amounts of alluvial gold was discovered and mined. Much of the area today still has the signs of old abandoned gold mines and mine shafts that were once a hive of activity. The family purchased their first property in the Moonambel area in about 1910 and commenced their first commercial farming operations. The family initially started with sheep farming, however, today the farming operations are all about vineyards. As time has moved on and the family has grown, many family members have moved away from the area and out of farming....

When the land for the Camfield Family Vineyard was purchased in 2000, this was a return for the family to almost the same piece of land that was purchased in 1910 as the Camfield Family Vineyard is on the opposite side of the road to the original family farm. After having family in the area for more than 130 years, the Camfield Family Vineyard continues the family farming tradition, although in a far more specialized way, producing super premium wines from the land. The family established the vineyards in 2003 and has progressively grown its wine business since this time. Specialising in exports our family wines can be find in China, America, Vietnam and other parts of the world. The management of the property and vineyards is now passing to the great grandson of the original family members who settled in the area more than 130 years ago. Our family motto has always been “Dedication to excellence and quality ".

Our Services

At Camfield family wines we believe that we offer a unique range of products and services. Our company structure and model are all focused on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction as well as quality wines which offer incredible value. Through our in-country model, we have established close strategic relationships with our distributors in China and the United States of America. This relationship has helped us to reduce our logistical costs and therefore allows us to offer better value to other distributors and importers. For our international export partners, we are able to offer a wide range of customer service options. ....

WThese include various in-market assistance, such as tasting sessions and seminars, wine show assistance, staff training, wine sourcing and selection, brand assistance and marketing, brand creation, and all aspects of logistics, we are always happy to assist our partners. To assist our Chinese partners we have Chinese speaking relationship managers, who are able to remove all issues relating to language barriers and provide that personalised service. For our local partners, we can offer all kinds of services, such as staff training, on-site tastings, point of sale displays, and any other sales assistance programs that our partners would request. We can assist in all aspects.